Literal (LITERAL) NSFW porn AU — Sid and Geno have an exhibitionism kink so they create an account on PornHub, where they post their amateur vids every week. Their vids instantly become the most favorited, most watched, and highest rated of all time. Sid says he doesn’t read what people write about him, but Geno has on multiple occasions found him blushing (and hard) while reading some of the comments left on their vids. 

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Miss Congeniality AU (one ll two) — Sidney Crosby and Geno Malkin are FBI agents, and they are investigating a bombing that’ll occur at the Mr. America pageant. Geno half jokingly proposes Sidney be the agent who goes undercover, which is an outrageous idea because though Sidney is one of the best agents in the field, he’s completely unpolished: he has long greasy hair, wears crocs to the office, owns nothing but stained and unfitted clothes, is missing teeth from an assignment gone awry last year, and refuses to shave his unprofessional facial hair.

The Bureau calls in the legendary Mario Lemieux to help polish Sidney up for the pageant. Sidney’s transformation shocks everyone, especially Geno, who may or may not be developing feelings for his long-time partner. Can Sidney save the day, win a crown, and score a boyfriend after this assignment?

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Sid/Geno AU — Sidney, Geno, and Jack all attend the same high school. Sidney has a crush on Geno; unfortunately, everyone thinks they’re dating but they’re just super close. Sidney doesn’t want to jeopardize his friendship with Geno (who may or may not understand stupid high school gossip), so Sidney’s left to pine over him. Jack is Sidney’s best friend who teases him mercilessly and refuses to watch game tape with them ever again. 

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Sid/Geno AU — Sidney just recently moved to Pittsburgh, so navigating around a new city is still difficult. He had no idea just how bad his sense of direction was until he accidentally stumbled into a Russian mob ring. Sidney wonders if he should be more afraid for his life, but ring leader Evgeni Malkin doesn’t look or act like the mobsters in the movies. In fact, there’s something about him that Sidney is drawn to….

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Sid/Geno AU — Geno is the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Sidney is a firefighter for the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire. Geno fulfills a promise by chaperoning his friend’s kid on a class field trip to the firestation. Geno meets and is smitten by Sidney, the firefighter in charge of all the tours. Soon, numbers are exchanged, tickets are gifted, and flirting happens.

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Sid/Geno AU — Evgeni Malkin is the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, and Sidney Crosby is the newest Canadian ambassador appointed to Russia. Malkin has always avoided the media to the best of his abilities, but since the arrival of Crosby, he’s been more engaging with the public. Lately, Crosby and Malkin have frequently been spotted together, which is odd considering Malkin rarely interacts with the other ambassadors….

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Sid/Geno AU — Sidney is the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Geno works for the Animal Rescue League Shelter. Sid meets Geno during the “Penguins & Paws” charity calendar photoshoot, where they hit it off instantly. Sid now speaks publicly and frequently about animal care, and Geno name-drops Sid in a couple interviews. They start to spend more time together as well… Geno invites Sid to an event dinner and Sid invites him to the Penguins’ holiday party. 

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AU — “For the past year, there have been many rumors circulating that Pittsburgh Penguins captain, Sidney Crosby, and member of the Russian boyband Metallurg, Evgeni Malkin, have been dating. Crosby and Malkin were first spotted together at an airport in Moscow last summer, but both have dodged all speculating questions so far. At the 2014 NHL Awards, not only did Crosby win the Art Ross Trophy, Hart Trophy, and Ted Lindsay Award, Crosby also brought Malkin as his “plus one” and confirmed their relationship!”

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Super *NSFW* Sid/Geno gifset!!!! — While Geno seems to be having the time of his life in Russia, especially after winning at Worlds, Sid has been missing Geno like crazy. In fact, Sid can’t stop thinking about him pretty much all the time. So, Sid flies to Russia to be with Geno. Plot Happens. Porn also hella happens. (Semi-SFW Sid/Geno porn AU here.)

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a sort of continuation from this; a sid/geno highschool!au scrapbook.

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